Guideline for Learning Space Projects

Introduction The University of Malaya being the renown university in Malaysia and well known internationally is striving for improvement in the quality of teaching and learning. With the implemention of Malaysian Qualification Framework (MQF) that requires Outcome-based Education system to be employed, the traditional teaching and learning practice must also transform from teacher-centred to student-centred. […]

Microcredentials on MOOC platforms

Definitions:  Micro-credential: certification of learning of a smaller set of courses or modules or units which are designed to provide learners with knowledge, skills, values and competencies in a narrow area of study and/or practice.  MOOC: massive open online courses. a course of study that is made available over the internet and that can be followed by a […]

SPeCTRUM V3 – Handling parallel courses with group settings

There might be small number of cases where a course with a single code being taught in parallel by different departments of different educators. The necessity for this type of courses may be due to a different language of instruction or different academic departments teaching their own set of students. The SPeCTRUM LMS is equipped […]

Spectrum v3 update

As the campus community should have realised by now, we have introduced an updated SPeCTRUM platform this semester. This new platform is running alongside the older version which will cease operating in the coming semester. For this semester, lecturers are encouraged to migrate to v3 (which we will simply call SPeCTRUM next semester) and use […]

Hello to ADeC’s blog page.

Welcome to the first page of ADeC’s blog. Here’s hoping for more postings in the near future on the activities of ADeC and the running of a small yet very influential centre in University of Malaya. “Who lives sees, but who travels sees more.” ― Ibn Battuta On a good starting note, we are happy […]