Hello to ADeC’s blog page.


Welcome to the first page of ADeC’s blog. Here’s hoping for more postings in the near future on the activities of ADeC and the running of a small yet very influential centre in University of Malaya.

“Who lives sees, but who travels sees more.” ― Ibn Battuta

On a good starting note, we are happy to inform all campus community that we have made the move back into the thick of the action in UM campus. With this shift, the passionate educators of UM no longer have to fret about having no parking spaces when going for training at ADeC.

Our new office is situated at level 2 HIR building, above Bank Islam UM Branch. There is ample parking space next to the building as this was the old exam hall. Do pop in for a visit sometimes.

Our new office was conceptually designed as an open plan collaborative space by our own staff who has been involved in the design of UM’s new learning spaces. So when you come to our office, you can experience features of learning space look and feel incorporated in the office design. We still have our ILR room that we also brought over from Wisma R&D. Its a bit of rough and ready so far as we have not yet finished unpacking.

ADeC’s office can be contacted by this new number: 03-7967 7022. ext 2056

Our training programmes are now back at full swing. In the mean time do come and visit us!


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