Skype for business on office 365 for online class

Replacing a face to face class, hosting a web conference, appearing as viva panel, holding a research meeting. These are some of the ways you can use the Skype for business in your daily work. To schedule and host an online contact session with students, the system allows educators to either share their screen or […]

Full eLearning mode during declared emergency.

The university has activated eLearning mode as a response to the severe air pollution that the country is facing currently. All face-to-face sessions are being suspended and substituted with online learning until further notice. This measure has an impact of limiting movement for students who may have to travel to classes and between classes thus […]


Have you heard of these acronyms? What do they mean? What has it got to do with me? What is ADeC up to again???? These might be some of the questions that you have when reading the title of this blog post. OER is an acronym for Open Educational Resources. The name implies that the […]

Guideline for Learning Space Projects

Introduction The University of Malaya being the renown university in Malaysia and well known internationally is striving for improvement in the quality of teaching and learning. With the implemention of Malaysian Qualification Framework (MQF) that requires Outcome-based Education system to be employed, the traditional teaching and learning practice must also transform from teacher-centred to student-centred. […]

Microcredentials on MOOC platforms

Definitions:  Micro-credential: certification of learning of a smaller set of courses or modules or units which are designed to provide learners with knowledge, skills, values and competencies in a narrow area of study and/or practice.  MOOC: massive open online courses. a course of study that is made available over the internet and that can be followed by a […]

SPeCTRUM V3 – Handling parallel courses with group settings

There might be small number of cases where a course with a single code being taught in parallel by different departments of different educators. The necessity for this type of courses may be due to a different language of instruction or different academic departments teaching their own set of students. The SPeCTRUM LMS is equipped […]