Spectrum v3 update

As the campus community should have realised by now, we have introduced an updated SPeCTRUM platform this semester. This new platform is running alongside the older version which will cease operating in the coming semester.

New spectrum

For this semester, lecturers are encouraged to migrate to v3 (which we will simply call SPeCTRUM next semester) and use the new features available in the platform to enrich student’s blended learning experience.

The upgrade allows for better navigation on mobile devices (it called Responsive Web Design) as well as security and features update.

New features

We are introducing H5P that will be an addition to the assessment category. There are a selection of assessment activities that you could use formatively or summatively e.g. memory game, image pairing, drag and drop etc. There are currently 36 activities available in the H5P library! Do take the time to explore them and please tell us which do you like the most. Further information on H5P capabilities and features can be seen in h5p.org.

Instead of taking attendance manually on a sheet of paper, you can now save the environment by using the QR code attendance feature. Get the students to scan the codes using the UM Mobile app and use the scan feature to automatically mark their attendance. No more fake signatures after this.

The selection of course formats are expanded with the flexible section format, that allows the creation of subsections within the main section on the frontpage. Do try out this format to see whether it’ll help with better organisation of your course contents and activities.

Migration procedures

Migrating your course can’t be easier. First you need to login to the new platform using the CAS system similar to the old SPeCTRUM. Refer video below.

You should find that you have access to your current semester courses, along with the students that have registered for the course. We are giving you a blank slate to start from, but you still have the option to backup and restore courses from the old platform into the new one. The video below will show you how.

If you decide to migrate now, make sure that your students use the same SPeCTRUM v3 to access their learning contents. For this semester, the URL is https://spectrumv3.um.edu.my/

We will continue with more resources for you to successfully get on with the new SPeCTRUM before the mandatory switch next February.

2 thoughts on “Spectrum v3 update

  1. I am a lecturer from dance department, cultural centre. I am in progressing of restoring courses from the old platform into the new one. Could I restore the assignments, feedback, forum discussion submitted by the students to the new one? It yes, how?
    *At the moment, I can only restore my course content.

  2. The submissions by your students could not be restored to the new course as normally they are from a past cohort. Every semester the course will renew by porting the contents and assignment settings but the students will be left behind. You may still access the old course and look at the student responses in the archive.

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