SPeCTRUM V3 – Handling parallel courses with group settings

There might be small number of cases where a course with a single code being taught in parallel by different departments of different educators. The necessity for this type of courses may be due to a different language of instruction or different academic departments teaching their own set of students.

The SPeCTRUM LMS is equipped to handle this situation when and where it arises.

Overview of differentiated groups in parallel courses

Courses should be set-up with ‘Flexible sections format’ in the Course format and ‘Separate groups’ selected in the group mode, as shown in the following video.


From there, groups can be created and assigned to specific section within the shared SPeCTRUM page.
Students who belonged to a specific group/section will only be to access resources and activities within their section only. Other sections will be unavailable to them as shown in the following screenshot.

The students who belonged to ‘Jabatan A’ will only have access to the ‘Sumber Umum’ and ‘Jabatan A’ Section and all resources and activities there.

Separating course materials

When the Flexible section course format is used, educators can add subsections like they normally have done in the old platform. What’s better, the Section could be collapsed so that what the students sees within the platform is just the educators resources and activities only.
The video below shows the collapsed section in action.


The important thing is, once a Section is locked to a specific group, only members of that group will have access to it.

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