Microsoft 365 with 5 free software license and 1TB of storage

For some years now, since 2016 to be exact, UM community have been given access to Microsoft Office 365 Education license that comes with 1TB of online storage and 5 free Office download licenses. 1 TB is a significant amount as most of your standard office PC has less storage and most modern laptops with SSD drive did not have similar storage space.

The 365 account can be accessed by logging in through and typing in your UM username followed by (e.g. The password is your normal ummail password.

We have created a short video showing the steps to login into your UM’s Microsoft 365 account and the button to click to download and install the free Office 365 suite into your PC or laptop. Remember you have 5 license allocation to use!

Using the Office 365 online allows you to create and share documents with your work colleagues and students who also have access to the same full software. You can collaborate in the same word, excel, powerpoint and other documents across faculties and department online.

You can also share document with your students (or they share theirs!) online in real time allowing you see their learning take shape and for you to be able to give meaningful and timely feedback to them, even before they submit their work formally to you.

ADeC have been conducting training on maximising the use of the Microsoft 365 account to educators and there are more training sessions planned for the future. Do keep a lookout on ADeC’s training announcements uminfolist.

In later posts, we will share how you could use Office Sharepoint to collaborate on work at the departmental and faculty level, as well as manage your postgraduate students or research group using the Office Teams.